• Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry

Cattle Camps: To prevent diseases amongst the cattle, seasonal immunization and timely care is extended to the livestock by organising cattle camps.


Construction of Gamaan (Cattle Sheds): To provide healthy and hygienic environment to the cattle and to accommodate a large number of cattle in limited but safe space; to save fodder expenses and reduce water wastage, Gamaans are constructed with adequate participation of the village community.

Fodder Support: During the dry summer months, when the livestock is affected by lack of adequate fodder in the drought prone areas of Kutch, Gujarat, support is extended to the farmers and cattle owners to ensure access to fodder for their livestock. 

Awareness meetings and exposure visits: To create awareness on various scientific methods and techniques for cattle care/breeding, agriculture, crops, irrigation etc., various awareness meetings are undertaken and exposure visits are organised to Krishi Vigyan Kendra, NGOs having expertise in Animal Husbandry, and model farms.


Farmer groups have been formed in two periphery panchayats of Dhamra region in Odisha. The Foundation has facilitated training and workshops for the farmers groups by associating with with Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology (OUAT) and Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Ranital for necessary technical input and other support.  


Livelihood for the small and marginal farmers in Gondia, Maharashtra is entirely dependent on agriculture. In order to promote the dairy activity as an alternate source of livelihood in this region, the government has been promoting the high milk yielding exogenous species of cows as part of the relief package for the needy farmers. Complementing the government for its efforts, Adani Foundation conducts training programmes with Gou Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra, Devalapar.


Objectives of the programme is:


  • To motivate farmers for cow based farming.
  • To impart technical skills to farmers for using by-product of dairy farming
  • To introduce farmers about various agriculture practices and other livelihood options.
  • To motivate farmers for adopting various practices in agriculture, animal husbandry and agriculture based activity at their own place and their own cost.
  • To promote organic method for agriculture.

Other Sustainable Livelihood initiatives

Fisher-folk Communities

The Foundation extends livelihood support to the fisherfolk community along the coastal zones in Mundra, Dahej and Hazira.

Farmers/ Agriculturists

Prosperours Farmers, Happy Nation. Various projects to increase farm yield and improve quality of life for farmers.

Self Help Groups (SHGs)

Promote, nurture and capacitate a number of Self Help Groups for Women/Youth/Senior citizen.

Biogas Construction Programme

Adani Foundation with its holistic understanding of people’s needs has been successful in coming up with the construction of biogas plants focusing mainly on reducing women’s overall work load.


SAKSHAM focuses on having 10 State-of-the-Art Adani Skill Development Centres across India to conduct placement linked training program for at least 40,000 youth per year.

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