Water Conservation and Ground Water Recharge


In majority of villages of Mundra Taluka, people use ground water for drinking purpose. Quality of water is a major concern. Adani Foundation in past years initiated construction of check dams and pond deepening works to conserve the water. It has constructed 19 check dams which have apparently shown impact due to ground water recharging. Additionally, every year it takes up activity to deepen village ponds to increase capacity 33,814 cmt.  Conservation capacity was increase by 33814 cmt apart from deepening works of four ponds.


Pond deepening project at Vansawa village.


Considering weather uncertainty and shortage of water in Maharashtra, Adani Foundation planned to take water conservation initiatives in the Tiroda region of the state. It was planned to harvest more rain water and help farmers in irrigation and village people for the domestic use. Adani Foundation took up the activity of deepening of ponds to increase the capacity on a large scale. Cumulatively, it has till date increased the capacity of 98 ponds of 34 villages by 6.0 lakh CuM. As a part of initiative, the Foundation has constructed 2 No. of Check Dams benefitting farmers and villagers due to recharging of ground water. The Foundation has also initiated construction of Khet Talavadi to conserve rain water and benefit concerned farmer through better yield. It has developed approximately 64 No. of such Khet Talavdi. Adani Foundation has also deepened streams of the villages. So far, 44 streams have been deepened which is expected to conserve 30645 CuM of water.


Adani Foundation has taken up the development of Model Talab at Antana village with joint venture of GoR program MJSA. 

Other Rural Infrastructure initiatives

Fisherman Amenities Projects

Adani Foundation has constructed a total of 139 shelters for fisherfolk community who reside on the coast lines.

Clean & Pure Drinking Water

To provide safe drinking water to people in the proximity area of operation, Adani Foundation has installed hand pumps and RO plants.

Creating Better Infrastructure for Education

Adani Foundation in order to strengthen the infrastructure for education carries out the construction of assembly hall, classrooms, computer labs, playground and washrooms, etc.

Building Infrastructure for Health

To keep our communities healthy, the Foundation has constructed various health care infrastructures.

Other Village Development Projects

The Foundation has taken up social and moral responsibility of caring for people through developing infrastructure of the community.

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