Other Village Development Projects


Community Skill Development Centre at Fisher-folk Vashahat at Luni and old bander are one of the best examples of Kutchhi traditional art-mud work. It is divided in three parts. One hall is utilized for computer training for rural children and ladies, other rooms are used as medical centre.


Adani Foundation to facilitate social activities of the communities has constructed various Community Centres at Siracha, Mundra ,Navinal, Tunda wandh, Sukhpur, Rabariwandh, Goersama, Luni, Vadala, Pavadiyara, and Bhadreshwar. Similarly, considering the requirement of villages, Gaushala has been constructed, facility at crematoriums is upgraded, and bus stands are constructed to develop general amenities.


Adani Foundation assisted by providing support in the repairing of 150 avas at Jageshwar which were in dilapidated condition. The Navinagri vasahat of Lakhigam had severe issue of water logging in the houses as well. Adani Foundation restored and repaired 78 houses and constructed 10 houses benefiting 88 families. Similarly, at Lakhigam 27 houses were reconstructed /repaired benefitting 27 families. At Luvara, 18 houses were reconstructed /repaired benefitting 18 families.  Community Hall at Ambheta was constructed to facilitate social activities of the community. Solar street lights were installed in Jageshwar village, Rukhneshwar Mahadev temple, Lakhbava place and Lakhigam village for safety of the people at night. The popular religious place –Lakhabava  at Lakhigam was also upgraded benefitting large number of population visiting the place. Besides, the facilities at Crematorium were improved at Lakhigam and Suva. Apart from the supply and lying of 1500 RMT pipeline, the Gram panchayat building at Suva village has also been constructed. Supply and fixing paver block at Rukhneshwar Mahadev temple, Lakhigam.


Considering the requirement and demand, Adani Foundation has constructed Gram Panchayat office building for Damka, Rajagiri, Junagam, Sunvali & Hazira and a community Hall at Halpati Awas, Sunvali. Installation of 50 solar street lights has taken place at Rajgiri village. Further, a total of 55 new Halpati avas at Sunvali, Vanswa and Rajgari village have been constructed and 36 old Indira avas at Damka village have been reconstructed by Adani Foundation.  At Hazira, Foundation has also constructed Primary Health Center (PHC) building.


Four major village roads measuring about 8 Kms have been renovated with improving riding quality by spreading metal strips along with surface.


Adani Foundation assisted in installing 216 solar street lights. This will help villagers to easily access roads during night. Also, it will help in controlling antisocial activities in the village thereby increasing the security aspect of the villagers. The Foundation has also provided benches in 72 villages of the region.


There was a need and demand for a playground in Chhippabard village. Adani Foundation took up the construction work of the playground considering its utilization and future scope. Providing a platform with better infrastructure facility to local talent;the ground is also used for various state & national level tournaments. Adani Foundation has also contributed significantly in development of the popular Baran Public Park which is utilized immensely by the dwellers. Additionally, the Foundation has constructed many roads and culverts in vicinity villages like Bamori, Dhara, Myatha to facilitate rural local transportation.


Various communities need based works such as construction of approach roads, pipe culverts, playground, market platforms, panchayat bhavans, electricity supplies etc. have been undertaken at Surguja by Adani Foundation.


A total of 92 Solar Lamp posts installed by Adani Foundation now gives hope for a ‘brighter future’ at a remote town of Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu. These lamp posts have been installed at schools, bus stops, and other places of public services.

Other Rural Infrastructure initiatives

Fisherman Amenities Projects

Adani Foundation has constructed a total of 139 shelters for fisherfolk community who reside on the coast lines.

Water Conservation and Ground Water Recharge

Adani Foundation has taken up myriads initiatives under water conservation and rain water harvesting programme.

Clean & Pure Drinking Water

To provide safe drinking water to people in the proximity area of operation, Adani Foundation has installed hand pumps and RO plants.

Creating Better Infrastructure for Education

Adani Foundation in order to strengthen the infrastructure for education carries out the construction of assembly hall, classrooms, computer labs, playground and washrooms, etc.

Building Infrastructure for Health

To keep our communities healthy, the Foundation has constructed various health care infrastructures.

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