Building Infrastructure for Health


The Foundation constructed a Medical Centre at Wandi Village to upgrade rural clinics. The village has population of fisher-folk community.


The Foundation works to complement the community led Sanitation Campaign, which now aligns with Swachha Bharat Abhiyan. To make the program people centric, the Foundation helps in increasing hygiene related awareness amongst the communities, encourages people to prevent open defecation and mobilises the villagers towards achieving ‘Nirmal Gam’- Spotless Village status.   The aim is to help people achieve 100% Open Defecation Free (ODF) in their villages.  Aiding 26 villages in getting 100% household toilet coverage, the Foundation has constructed household toilets. Further. to create clean and hygienic environment, the Foundation in association with WASMO has   developed   drainage systems including pipeline network and sewage treatment plants for 16 villages of Mundra Taluka.


Adani Foundation has constructed sanitation blocks at Damka halpativas and Hazira.


Adani Foundation has constructed toilet units in 7   Schools of 6 villages in the region.


Kawai Health Centre treats more than 250 OPD / day but there was a serious shortage of basic facilities. Considering severs requirement issue, Adani Foundation initiated renovation of Community Health Center (CHC) & constructed 20 bed capacity wards with furniture & necessary equipment’s. Further, to resolve the issue of Girls’ toilet at Jawahar Nayoday Vidialya, Atru, toilet blocks have been constructed especially for girl students.


Poor practices of sanitation (mainly open defecation) & water (handling & usage) increase various types of illnesses. In order to improve sanitation facility, around 454 toilets have been constructed in a few villages of the region, benefiting 2403 people.

Other Rural Infrastructure initiatives

Fisherman Amenities Projects

Adani Foundation has constructed a total of 139 shelters for fisherfolk community who reside on the coast lines.

Water Conservation and Ground Water Recharge

Adani Foundation has taken up myriads initiatives under water conservation and rain water harvesting programme.

Clean & Pure Drinking Water

To provide safe drinking water to people in the proximity area of operation, Adani Foundation has installed hand pumps and RO plants.

Creating Better Infrastructure for Education

Adani Foundation in order to strengthen the infrastructure for education carries out the construction of assembly hall, classrooms, computer labs, playground and washrooms, etc.

Other Village Development Projects

The Foundation has taken up social and moral responsibility of caring for people through developing infrastructure of the community.

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