Clean & Pure Drinking Water


Potable drinking water is the one of the basic amenities one needs access to. The source of water for villages in the region has high TDS. Considering the need and the situation, Adani Foundation initiated providing RO Plants at in villages. The first plant with 1000 lit/hour was installed at Vadala village. The plant is managed by beneficiaries and provides 6000 lit per day safe drinking water. Apart from this, considering the requirements to facilitate drinking water supply system, overhead tank and underground pump have also been developed at selected places.


To facilitate water supply system, ESR at Junagam & Rajgari and UGR at Junagam and Vaswa were constructed. Adani Foundation has also provided RO water facility at Icchapore village of Hazira region.


Adani Foundation has drilled 95 No. of Bore well and installed pumps to make drinking water available to village community. Further, to resolve drinking water availability in schools. Adani Foundation has facilitated drilling of 26 wells, installation of hand pumps and overhead tanks. This has benefited 3216 children from 36 schools.


Providing potable drinking water to adjoining Ambedkar Basti, Salpura, two tankers per day have been provided by the Foundation. Since 2011, supply of drinking water has started off which benefits around 250 household every day. The Foundation has also established Borewell/ Hand pump with unique pressure pump system in vicinity villages as well as in schools for solve drinking water problem.


With a quest to provide safe drinking water to communities in and around our project zone in Udupi, a safe drinking water unit on RO technology catering to around 4544 people has been set up at 5 places. The capacity of installed RO plant is purifying 1000 litres of water per hour and the storage capacity is 5000 litres. 


Parsa village is wide spread and source of water is major concern. Installation of hand pumps were needed to provide drinking water to people in the proximity. The Foundation, has therefore, facilitated the community by drilling a total of additional 12 hand pumps in the region. Besides, tap water facility is also being provided at Parsa village. In project area, a total of 42 hand pumps are installed so far.  All hand pumps (Public or private) are maintained and repaired by Adani Foundation. At Kente village, water facility is provided through water tankers.

Other Rural Infrastructure initiatives

Fisherman Amenities Projects

Adani Foundation has constructed a total of 139 shelters for fisherfolk community who reside on the coast lines.

Water Conservation and Ground Water Recharge

Adani Foundation has taken up myriads initiatives under water conservation and rain water harvesting programme.

Creating Better Infrastructure for Education

Adani Foundation in order to strengthen the infrastructure for education carries out the construction of assembly hall, classrooms, computer labs, playground and washrooms, etc.

Building Infrastructure for Health

To keep our communities healthy, the Foundation has constructed various health care infrastructures.

Other Village Development Projects

The Foundation has taken up social and moral responsibility of caring for people through developing infrastructure of the community.

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