• Senior Citizen Healthcard

Senior Citizen Health Card

To help the senior citizens with their health care requirements and timely help, a special Senior Citizen Health Card Scheme has been initiated by the Foundation.

The Foundation has undertaken this initiative to address the needs of the senior citizens, who are usually ignored by society. They face difficulty in treatment  for  want of financial, social and moral support. After conducting a routine health check-up, a health card is issued to the senior citizens. Whenever they are in need of medical treatment, they can access cashless treatment in any of the 14 empanelled hospitals to an extent of Rs. 50,000 over a period of 3 years. If the treatment is obtained in any other hospital, the hospital expenses are reimbursed to an extent of Rs. 50,000. Special outreach services are provided by organising medical camps.  Special provisions are made for the sick and infirm so that they can reach the health camp or avail the medical services at their home. A total of 7500  Health Cards have been provided to senior Citizens in 65 Villages till date with Rs. 200.00 Plus lacs worth services every year.  Besides, a total of 9000 yearly transactions happen in a year through OPD/IPD at Adani Hospitals.


In order to address health care issues related to ageing, Adani Foundation launched a pilot project called ‘Health card to senior citizens – Adani Vadil Swasthya Yojna’, at Mundra.  Under this programme, the individuals aged 60 years and above irrespective of their socio-economic conditions were to be benefitted. Learning from the pilot, now senior citizens are being issued a Health Card with the purpose of providing adequate and timely treatment in two categories. The families consisting of aged ones with a yearly income of Rs. 2 lacs or more get a Blue Card. The Blue Card holders can avail diagnosis and treatment at a relieving rate at the Adani Hospital, Mundra. Families with a yearly income of less than Rs. 2 lacs can get a Green Card. In Green Card, the aged people get free of cost treatment for illness at Adani Hospital, Mundra up to a limit of Rs. 50,000/- within a period of 3 years.

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