• Mobile Health Care Unit

Mobile Health Care Unit

The Foundation operates Mobile Health Care Units (MHCU), providing on-the-spot medical assistance that can be provided to the patients where medical facility is not available.

This program  successfully runs at Mundra (Gujarat) covering several villages and fisher folk  vasahats,  Sainj (Himachal Pradesh) covering more than 30 villages, Tiroda (Maharashtra) covering around 50 villages, and villages of  Kawai (Rajasthan). At present, Adani Foundation has seven Mobile Health Care Units (MHCUs) across the nation which attends to 25,000 patients per month and 3.0 Lac people a year on an average.


To increase the availability of quality health care services to the remote villages, the Foundation runs two Mobile Health Care Units (MHCU) covering 34 Villages and 05 Fisherman settlements. As many as 113 types of medicines are available in it. During 2016-17, total 46,000 patients were provided with free Health Care Services by MHCUs.


The Medical Health Care Unit (MHCU) is an initiative by Adani Foundation having tied up with Help-Age India for the same. This initiative comprises a MHCU which has an MBBS Doctor, Pharmacist, a Social Protection Officer and a Driver. This team travels all day in the MHCU at villages and provides free of cost medical check-ups and treatment to all community people. The MHCU has complete set of listed medicines and they travel across sites based on fixed weekly routine. The initiative was started in December’ 14 and more than 42,000 patients have been treated so far.


Adani Foundation tied up with Help-Age India for providing health care services in 50 villages and around Tirora Nagar Parishad area. The Mobile Health Care Unit (MHCU) visits 50 locations at a defined time and place on weekly basis. The MHCU consists of a doctor, a pharmacist, a social protection officer and a driver. The patients are treated and free of cost medicines are provided to the patients. More than 44,000 patients were treated during the year 2016-17.


Adani Foundation Kawai started a Mobile Health Care Unit (MHCU) service in all 29 villages of surrounding area. Free of cost medical treatment & medicines are provided to the people at their door step. A total of 34,000 patients have been benefited through this initiative. The MHCU also provides service of special home visit/treatment for weak & elderly patients, awareness talk, prevention & guidance about epidemic/seasonal diseases.


Adani Foundation Sainj is running its Mobile Health Care Unit as well as a health center at Sainj for successful seventh year. During this financial year 2016-17, Adani Foundation Sainj has visited 33 villages through the Mobile Health Care Unit and treated & reviewed 7,126 patients. Another 404 patients have been treated at the Health Centre at Sainj.


Nearly 26,000 community patients were treated at the DPCL Community Health Centre. Free of cost medicines were distributed and ambulance services were provided in emergency needs during 2016-17.

Other Community Health initiatives

Senior Citizen Health Card

To help the senior citizens with their health care requirements and timely help, a special Senior Citizen Healthcard Scheme has been initiated.

Gujarat Adani Institute of Medical Sciences (GAIMS)

GAIMS is the first PPP model, in medical education sector.

Health Camps

Health camps organized to meet local community’s health and medical needs.

Rural Clinics

Extending the medical coverage at remote locations deprived of such essential healthcare services.

Project SuPoshan

SuPoshan aims to free young children, adolescent girls and women in reproductive age from the clutches of malnutrition and anaemia.

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